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The company has discovered an issue affecting some shipments of both models, and while it’s not using the word recall to describe its response, that’s essentially what’s happening. Customers with affected cameras are being asked to contact their local Canon support center to arrange for a free inspection and repair. The problem for both cameras, which are closely related to each other and share many parts, comes down to insufficient lubrication of the drive mechanism. Over time, this causes increased wear to the mechanism, and results in small particles being shed inside the camera body. These, in turn, can cause issues with the camera’s autofocus system failing to achieve a focus lock. Eventually, the wear can also cause viewfinder issues as well. Once the problem reaches this point, Canon says that the viewfinder can appear blurry or unsteady. As well as the serial numbering, Canon also provides a couple of other body markings that will help determine whether or not your 1-series bodies are affected.

Weird lens serial number

Early versions of Nikkor standard 50mm lenses – Non-Ai Spec A collector’s overview of all standard prime Nikkor lenses in F-mount by a passionate collector for Nikkor lenses, Mr. Nico van Dijk from Holland. Nico van Dijk’s own website can be accessed via http: In October that year Nikon introduced a – in those years – relatively fast Nikkor-S f1.

Carl Zeiss Jena Serial Numbers See also: ~stspring/Zeiss%

Qualified technical personnel were scarce, many having lost there lives during the war, others stranded wherever they were stationed at the wars end. Raw materials were also scarce, and the immediate future looked pretty bleak. Canon resumed camera production in the simplest manner possible. Parts from unassembled Canon S and J cameras were used to design the most basic 35mm camera.

The body shell and top plate were parts made for the Canon S, as was the finder cover, which was designed for the S, but cut only for the viewfinder, and lacked the pop up finder of the S. The top cover extends around the rewind knob, like the top cover of a Leica, rather than being squared off like the pre-war Canon J. The earliest examples have “Seiki Kogaku” and the serial number engraved in front of the accessory shoe, rather than below the Canon logo, the same place it was engraved on the S series as the pop up finder was below the Canon logo.

Most examples have “Seiki Kogaku” and the serial number under the Canon logo, where it would remain until the end of the Leica style bodies in the mid ‘s. The body shell was cut and drilled for slow speeds, a feature that the J-II lacked as the slow speed mechanism was difficult to manufacture. The hole is capped with a metal patch with three visible screw heads.

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Instant serial number verification to insure that you have purchased a Tamron USA imported lens with 6-Year Limited USA Warranty and eligible for any qualifying rebate Access to product information in the event of loss or theft Custom support if service is ever required Priority contact in the rare event we discover an issue with your product Invitations to local workshops, seminars and sales events Subscription to the Tamron Viewfinder e-newsletter Exclusive promotional offers Please Note: International customers must register with the Tamron distributor in the country where the lens was purchased.

Online Registration is Easy! Complete the required information This warranty registration and survey are not related to rebate redemption. For rebate redemption, please follow the instructions on your rebate form.

Pentax Serial Number Database Welcome to the Pentax Serial Number Database at ! This database contains an ever-evolving listing of serial numbers for every kind of Pentax photographic item, including cameras, lenses, and accessories.

Making a definitive statement about serial numbers over the course of Kodak history is difficult. Most print histories of Kodak and most collectors’ Web sites omit this information. My experience collecting Kodak models manufactured from the late s to the s is the basis for the comments that follow. Only the most expensive Kodak models included body serial numbers.

Of domestic fixed lens cameras I think only the Medalists included numbers stamped on the film gate. Ektra bodies had serial numbers that matched numbers stamped on the interchangeable film backs manufactured with the bodies, because of the close tolerances required.

Minolta Lenses Serial Numbers

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Canon typewriter photos of Canon S by year then serial number by date To find out when your typewriter was made using the typewriter’s serial number, start by .

Note the variation in the number per year. Now a plant of a successful company does not vary that much in production rate unless there is diversion to other products, as is likely during a war binoculars? Or there is a cessation of materials or labour, which can also happen in war. These will have affected things in say to but it does seem likely that the numbers used in are a “funny” and one feels they include some for as well.

Also note that there are gaps between the “Years lens” numbers, as for No , in end and No , for begin, where 30, numbers are “missing. It seems likely that there was a carry over of numbers in some years from one year to the next, due to numbers being booked for a contract or sale in advance- or some such mechanism. There is a instinctive feeling that in , the plant was actually normally making about 25, , lenses.

Now going backwards, it is likely that production had built up slowly as labour was trained and plant designed and built, and that a typical serial number for might be No 40, as suggested above , rather than No 75, which would be the mid-point from No to say No , in After WW1, there is a rapid recovery of production, but again there are big fluctuations in the apparent yearly numbers produced. There are also still gaps between the blocks of numbers attributed to years.

It does seem that production was set to rise steadily in the ‘s, even though there was a recession, and especially after the formation of Zeiss Ikon with the related rationalizations and a “captive” market.

Canon IV series of rangefinders

However, the is another way to get the information about a camera body or lens. For cameras, look inside the body’s film chamber for an alphanumeric code printed in black ink on the black surface of the film chamber. You may have to hold the camera under a strong light to see it. What you’ll see is a date code, possibly something like “U F.

Ikegami HLD Handy Camera serial no. ET88 49, fitted with a Canon MAcro TV Zoom lens J13 x 9B II, mm, , No. together with together with another Ikegami HL – 79D Handy Camera and Ikegami View Finder VF15 – 3E, with instruction manual.

Canon camera date codes According to Bob Atkins, the site of whom I would suggest the Canon collectors to visit,: However, there’s another way to get the information: You may have to hold the camera under a strong light to see it. What you’ll see is a date code, possibly something like “U F”. The next 2 numbers tell you what month the camera was made, in this example, November. The following 2 numbers are an internal code that is irrelevant for determining age, but year and month is close enough anyway, IMO.

This internal code is also occasionally omitted based on reports from Canon owners. The last letter stands for the name of the factory. In this case, “F” stands for Fukushima which was the main Canon SLR factory for about 20 years from the early 70s until The factory code is rarely omitted, if ever.

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All of the typewriters on this page are owned by me, but are only on public display virtually through this Web site. The typewriter collection contains over typewrites from 23 manufacturers spanning the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, from at least ten countries United States, Japan, China, East Germany, West Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England and the Nethelands. The museum contains at least one typewriter from each decade since the s.

Several of the typewriters and Mr. Martin were on the History Channel television show Modern Marvels episode called “Retro Tech” which originally aired on December 19,

The location of your serial number varies between different Canon products. The serial number is a combination of numbers and/or letters, without spaces or special characters. Please ignore any numbers or letters that appear in brackets.

When the camera is powered down the lens is retracted inside of the body and a built in shutter closes to completely protect the lens. An advanced TTL AiAF 9-point autofocus system permits the camera to automatically select the primary subject even when off-center. The focusing range is: Normal AF – 1. In low light conditions the focus-assist lamp helps to illuminate the subject for accurate focusing.

Flash range is 1. This is a new Light-guide zoom flash that changes its angle according to the lens’ focal length. The AF-assist lamp also serves as a red-eye reduction lamp. With a strong light output guide number 59 ft. The flash fires in synchronization with the main flash, and output is adjusted accurately and automatically. A “Manual” mode prevents others from firing your flash. You can frame your pictures with the color LCD or to save precious battery power you can use the optical finder.

This is a coupled viewfinder with approx.

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