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Hi my name is Imogene well actually Jewel but i dont like Jewel as a name so much. Well that is what other people say i will try to take in peoples ideas or anything and i will also post other ideas i will write in the future and maybe post more details about myself but i really want to make people happy and i want to see similar ideas in fanfictions but thats for later on. Oh yea and I’m team Edward and if you don’t like that, too bad because everything on here is Edward, is about him or has him in it. So no Bella and Jacob crap because i had enough of them in the movies. They ecapse but how can a 15 and 6 year old make it out alive in a world overrunned by what people fear the most. Let me- During a hunt Edward is raped and posioned by a unknown nomadic vampire. The Girl with no face- 10 year old Edward always wanted a friend.

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Bongaigaon About Bongaigaon comes under the sequence of five biggest cities of Assam. Naturally, it is less populated and closer to its natural form. It still carries its natural exuberance which the gaining industrial and commercial activity could not grab from it. In simple words, Bongaigaon is a destination which could show you the real beauty and wilderness of Assam without compromising the comforts of modern hospitality.

Reorienting the East In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: When describing alien societies on the fringes of their cultural and geographic universe, they could take advantage of a literary license that was unavailable to them when writing about places with which their readership was somewhat familiar. At the same time, classical authors, such as Pliny, had established a certain set of images with respect to this world beyond.

Besides entertaining their readers, what interest did Jewish authors have in people outside mainstream Sunni society, such as Ismailis and Druze? How did they perceive these others in relation to their own Jewish identity? What notions of race and human diversity were expressed in their portrayals of black Africans? What rhetorical strategies did they adopt to explore fantasies of unknown human societies? With these questions in mind, I will analyze a number of textual examples that depict geographically, culturally, or socially peripheral societies in the Muslim world from the perspective of medieval Jewish travelers.

Whatever he tells them they will do, whether for death or for life. He is their Elder, and on his word, all the people from the mountains come and go. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’. You are not currently authenticated.

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The Orion’s Arm Universe Project is an online collaborative fiction setting which describes itself as a transhumanist Space Opera with many worldbuilding elements. The year is AT probably , with the AT calendar beginning on the day man first walked on the moon in This means it is ten and a half millennia in the future, and as you can guess, the far future is an extremely weird place, where the only boundaries are imagination.

Orion’s Arm tries to be strict about accurate physics, or only using speculations that have supporting papers on physics preprint sites. The site is linked to several dozen academic dissertations explaining all of the concepts used in the series. The physical setting is the Terragen Bubble, a sizable fraction of the galaxy roughly light-years in radius, centered on Earth which is now more or less a wildlife park.

Project South Asia editor’s note: We have removed the footnotes that appeared in J. McCrindle’s original text for clarity. Serious students and scholars who wish to see thefootnotes are encouraged to refer to the original text. The extent of the whole country from east to west is said to be28, stadia, and from north to south 32, Being thus of such vast extent, it seems well-nigh to embrace the whole of the northern tropic zone of the earth, and in fact at the extremepoint of India the gnomon of the sundial may frequently be observed to cast no shadow, whilethe constellation of the Bear is by night invisible, and in the remotest parts even Arcturusdisappears from view.

Consistently with this, it is also stated that shadows there fall to thesouthward. India has many huge mountains which abound in fruit-trees of every kind, and many vastplains of great fertility–more or less beautiful, but all alike intersected by a multitude of rivers.

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Antonine Itinerary — The Antonine Itinerary is a famous itinerarium, a register of the stations and distances along various roads. Seemingly based on documents, possibly from a survey carried out under Augustus. Owing to the scarcity of other extant records of this type, almost nothing is known of its date or author.

As manifestations of the devil, dragons were a common enemy of the saints, perhaps the most famous of whom is St George, a warrior saint often depicted slaying a dragon. Numerous documents from antiquity tell of monstrous people living at the edge of the known world. In the 1st century A. Alongside the Psalms, the book contains a number of illustrations, full-page and partial-page miniatures, and historiated and illuminated initials. What is particularly striking about the manuscript, however, is the marginalia.

Alongside the Psalms, the text contains images of men, women, animals, hybrids, dragons as well as scenes of daily life — albeit often influenced by Bestiaries. In this image we can see a selection of common medieval musical instruments including the organ and the hurdy-gurdy, a string instrument. Manuscripts often show music being performed in many different scenarios, from the entertainment at banquets to a crucial part of religious prayer at funerals.

The second marginal image depicts the wholly fictional creature, the web-footed sciopod, a tiny one-footed beast which could use its large foot as an umbrella. Creatures like the sciopod, which often had some human qualities, were thought to exist in foreign, unexplored lands. Pliny was himself repeating ancient authorities, and his account of these marvellous races was in turn influential throughout the Middle Ages, during which antique monster lore became part of a Christian framework.

Images likes these, which showed the consequences of an un-Christian life, were often used to graphically illustrate Christian teachings. For Christians, the monstrous races tested not only their credulity, but also their ethics.

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Its purpose is to identify earth like planets orbiting other stars. It is focused on the Milky Way where there are billions of stars. Its only instrument is a photometer which continually measures the brightness of , stars. If any of the stars it is looking at dim periodically, that might indicate that there is a planet passing in front of it. So far, it has identified planets. Francis Godwin was born in and became Bishop of Hereford.


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